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This is a good title when writing a blog post.

by Corfitz.
Written: 25 Feb, 2019
Last updated: 16 May, 2019

Well yes... This is a header

I haven't been writing for a long time, nor written much prior to that. This ia a completely new ball game for me - and doing this is kinda challenging. But I want to! I think it is a great practice, that slowly is fading away with the increase of video content and I actually find it a bit relaxing sitting down and putting my thoughts on paper (in this case reflected on your monitor or display, so... not much paper actually).

I actually considered making a small YouTube channel or some smaller self-made vlogs talking about all kinds of different stuff that I face in my day to day life as a consultant and designer. But this is bit more my style to be honest.. Some material I can control.. Adapt as I grow... And something I can do with greasy hair and a booger hanging from the nose a dark stormy evening sipping to a tepid cup of coffee.

So yeah... I made a blog!

This is actually just meant to be a test. As I am working on my website, it is nice to get some sort of idea on how the layout is going to be. How content will adapt to the different screen sizes. Font size, readability, ease of use and navigation, etc. etc. This is also a great way for me to visualise the workflow involved in the copy writing, the layout making, setup of each post, what parts I want to be automated, which I need control of and so on.

One thing I keep thinking about though, is that blogs are meant to be something content rich and actually worth reading. And I often just want to blabber and talk about random stuff. I also sometimes (emphasised on SOMETIMES) have something rather important or really interesting to discuss and share. And then I also feel I can continue writing for hours - whenever I am working on somthing bigger - and often end up with 10.000 words of in-depth jabber which easily could be reduced to half.

Well this is one of those things I have to learn - getting familiar with. What topics are worth going more in-depth with and which are not really as important to write about.. You know what? I should make sorta like a blabber section - like twitter - where i can just say something short and get out my thoughts and ideas without having to engage in content rich quality writing. I love how Seth Godin maintains a daily blog, and sometimes it is no more than 50 words of brilliant brain-candy. I should do that! Can't call it Twitter though.. Penguins don't tweet haha.. I will have to look up what a penguin say and do that. That's like the best idea I have had since melting cheese in my toaster.

Alrighty then... I will get going.. This is the first blog post on my peronal site - and let's hope i won't reach a higher level of cringiness than this.