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What happened to the Daily Gakker?

Now it has been a month. What is my excuse? Honestly - I don't really have one.

It has been a crazy month, with my brothers comunion, family from Denmark, approaching deadlines, my own birthday suddenly coming up, and overall just a lot of stuff - and oddly enough, I really haven't had much to talk about.. At least I haven't had before!

Today - after a long time of continous development and work setting up a complete Kubernetes + Gitlab + GlusterFS + Microservice environment, I definitely have loads to talk about, but I have needed this month to catch up on some stuff, and not that the Daily Gakker takes a lot of my time, I just haven't had much to share the past time. That is going to chance for sure.


So stay tuned - I will be in touch shortly.

Posted: 2019-09-11

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